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Commitment to Our Clients. We are highly motivated to deliver outstanding service to our clients. We provide transparency and personal interaction to understand our clients' short term and long term business objectives, which allows us to anticipate their needs and provide cost-effective solutions.


Unconventional. We have a profound appreciation for the many challenges our clients face. You’ll find us always willing to visit your facilities, observe manufacturing lines, participate in inventor disclosure meetings, attend professional or device conferences and participate in board and investor meetings, as well as many other personalized services.

BrainSpark Associates, LLC is a small intellectual property law firm with offices in Seattle, Washington and Chandler, Arizona. The principals, a husband and wife patent attorney team, are highly experienced and possess extensive practical expertise in the crafting and execution of intellectual property strategies that complement and further their clients’ business interests.

Our team has over 30 years of collective industry experience working with companies in various capacities. We consider a wide variety of legal and business factors in crafting practical solutions that augment our clients’ business goals.

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